Cinema-8 1/2


8 ½ is the best film ever made about filmmaking. Directed by Federico Fellini. The Film revolves around a director’s real life, past memories and his imaginations.

Opening scene of the film is phenomenal and the best opening scene we ever watched in the history of the world cinema. The film waves in and out of reality and fantasy.

The story is about the director who has no idea what he wants to do next. He has some personal guilt caused by his relationship, some constraints from the producers, and inner pressures due to expectations from oneself being a highly acclaimed director of industry.

Screenplay of the movie is scrupulous and outstanding. Every frame of the movie is worthy and makes sense. The way characters moves in and out of the frame is superb. It makes you feel that you are a part of the film. The film includes many symbolism from lighting to characters and to imagination. It set viewer’s imagination free for their own interpretations. It shows the power of director in the crew and about the people’s efforts to impress director.

It shows an attempt of a person with such a difficult life, creates an image of an ideal woman, who is cool, comforting, beautiful, serene, uncritical, has all the answers and no questions for her role. But it’s heartbreaking that he is still disappointed. He couldn’t find the happiness.

The director is very experimental with the camera with focus on the background moving character and character appears and go out from frame in single scene, initiation from the close-up and then characters themselves plays the role of camera.

Music is not just a music in the film it plays a character. It brought a lift and subtle rhythm to their movements.

Dialogues of the movie are impeccable.
“It’s better to destroy than create what’s unnecessary. ”
“Accept me as I am. only then can we discover each other.”
“Happiness consists of being able to tell the truth without hurting anyone. ”

Movie has won many prestigious awards including Oscar and considered among top 10 movies in the history of world cinema.

This film is one fine piece of art. A masterpiece we must say. It beautifully deals with the fears and expectations of oneself. If you are a true lover of cinema, you can’t afford to miss it.


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